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"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination" — John Lennon

"She with kaleidoscope eyes, dream technicolour dreams" — Post 1453514925, Personal Tumblr
You have doubts, you have contradictions, you have regrets, you are weak. Winter is the most dangerous season for you Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world by Haruki Murakami
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Stroszek, 1977 (dir. Werner Herzog)
"And now the dancing chicken. … I had them for three months in special training so that they would dance as long as possible. …  I came across it and I knew I had to have it as the last thing in the film. … And here seeing this chicken I knew that was something very very very big, a metaphor, a big metaphor, without knowing metaphor for what. … And now I think I shouldn’t talk over this scene here, the chicken. It’s just too good. No more comment. Full stop.” - Werner Herzog, in the DVD commentary for Stroszek.

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